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November 2, 2021
Bret Arrington:
Hey, this is Bret, AIP House Buyers here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Take you through this inherited house somebody called me about today. Just take you through real quick, show you what we do. Just come in here and start taking a look at everything and see what kind of work you need to put into it. As you can see, these are hardwood floors, so that’s going to be easy to refinish and bring these back to life. They’re pretty solid. You got hardwood floors all through here, there’s three bedrooms back here. All the floors are in good shape. I mean, refinished, it doesn’t cost a lot to do that, a few thousand dollars.

There’s been some work done to this house. The lady got sick, passed away as she was doing some work, having it remodeled, and the son inherited it and he just wants to sell it. He’s not interested in doing any more work to it. So you can see the bathroom’s been redone. It’s not 2021, it’s more like 2018 remodel, but you can make it work. They didn’t get to the kitchen. Here’s the kitchen and dining area. As you can tell, this is real dated, green countertops. I would get rid of all of this, probably redo the whole kitchen. These houses over here, this is an urban park area, they go, depending on the size… If it’s 2000 square foot house, it should go for around $400,000 right now.

So here, it looks like they’ve added onto it. I got to look at the tax records and see exactly how many square feet it is. Here is what they’re calling the master bedroom, that is pretty much studs and insulation. If you can see where the master bath is… Should be right here. There’s a closet over here. I would definitely get rid of that door going outside. But it’s not bad, actually. I got to get exact square footage of it to come up with some comps on it. But this is kind of how it works, someone calls me up, we go look at the house, walk through, do a quick estimate of what we think it’ll cost to bring it up to 2021 standards, and make an offer. I’ll get some comps, what I think it’ll sell for, fixed up. Everything is high now, so I got to really look at them close, and then plan a little bit. The market might soften in six months or so.

And this is the back. Not bad, large deck area. Roof’s good. So there you go. So when somebody calls me about a house, these people Googled, “Sell my inherited house in Greensboro, North Carolina,” and I’m number one or number two. And they’ll call me up, we’ll come look at it, we’ll negotiate, see if we can come to terms on a price, and go from there. If we get it, we’ll flip it, make it look brand new, and move on to another one.

So that’s it. If you have an inherited house in Greensboro you need to call somebody about, call AIP House Buyers. Website is www.webuygreensboroareahouses.com. My name is Bret Arrington. Like I say, AIP House Buyers, you can call us at (336) 707-5223. Love to talk to you. We’ve done this many, many times. Been in business about 11 years now. And that’s what we do, man. So give us a call, look forward to talking to you. And it’s not just inherited houses, it’s any kind of house you don’t want to deal with and you need to get rid of fast, we’ll take care of it.

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