Need to Sell your Multi-Family property in the Triad area for a fair price regardless of condition, age, size or situation.
We buy MultiFamily properties by providing property owners with guaranteed cash offers. If you are happy with the offer, we move forward and close the transaction when it’s most convenient for you. Our guaranteed property offer is the reason so many of our customers choose AIP House Buyers to purchase their apartments and single family homes.

We are different! We are NOT brokers… We don’t want to list your property or help you sell it, we want to buy your property. That’s what is meant when we say that we buy properties. We are local and have proven results along with 5 star google business reviews. Check us out here>>>>AIP House Buyers.

If the property is in need of repairs, vacancies or you are tired of being a landlord, we can relieve all your stress, Even if it’s been a while and you don’t know the first thing about selling your multifamily, with or without an agent, we can help. When we buy your property, we take care of everything for you…no repairs needed, no need to evict tenants, we take care of it all and we don’t charge any fees or commissions!

Multifamily Apartments We Buy Apartments Greensboro, NC
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How it Works

We’ve made the process very simple and straight forward along with absolutely no stress or pressure along the way.

–The first step is to click this link and fill out the form on this page.
–Next, you should schedule a time to chat with us.
–After that, we’ll do our research and put together an estimate of the value of your property based on the information you provided us.
–We’ll then decide how to move toward disposition of your multifamily. There are several options and we’ll discuss them all.

The decision to sell your apartment building really comes down to if you’ve met your profit goals and if your money would be better allocated to a new investment.

Generally, if you’ve owned an apartment building for 5-7 years or more, you’ve maxed the return potential of this property and it could be time to sell and allocate to a new asset.

This rule generally holds true because you have already done the upgrades you plan to, you have pushed the rents to where you want them to be, and there’s limited growth potential based on your current operations.

Therefore, it could be time to allow a new owner to come in with new capital to continue bringing the property to it’s highest use.

Selling Your Multifamily Due to Divorce?

We can help with this situation. You need to sell your rental property quickly because of divorce we have solved this problem many times. You want to get this ordeal over and done with and put it behind you as fast as possible. We can work a deal that benefits you as much as possible while still helping you move forward with your divorce quickly. Read more here about how we help with divorce situations.>>click here.

AIP House Buyers Business Reviews
AIP House Buyers Business Reviews

Selling Because You Inherited a Property

You love your parents or grandparents, but maybe you don’t love their house. Perhaps you live in another city or even a different state and have no intention of ever living in the area again. Another thing that causes people to sell fast is to cover funeral or other estate expenses. No matter what reason you inheritd the property we can help. Read more about how we buy inherited properties in the Greensboro, NC area. Read more about how we buy Inherited properties in the Greensboro, NC area.>>click here.

Need to Sell Fast Because of Foreclosure

Losing a job or getting injured so you can’t work is a part of life. Unfortunately, these temporary situations can cause lifelong problems for you because foreclosure is a permanent mark on your life story and credit report. If you unload the property before the auction date then the bank never technically foreclosed on your house. You can save your credit from a permanent mark. We can help with your foreclosure situation,

Don’t let the bank take your property and have it sit there for months before they decide to sell it. Sell it today!

Relocating and Need to Sell Your Multifamily Fast

You got a job offer in another state and need to sell your house now, but you’re out of time. Maybe you’ve already relocated and your house never sold, now what? We can help you with that too.

Selling Your Apartment Building Due to Bad Tenants?

Are you a tired landlord due to your tenants? Sometimes the tenants create so many problems you just want to throw your hands in the air and walk away. It’s hard to sell a property with problem tenants. Very few landlords want to deal with that headache either. Wee are problem tenant experts and can make you an offer even if you have the worst tenants in town. We will handle everything, tenants, problems, evictions if needed. Let AIP House Buyers take over your problems. Read more about how we help tired landlords.>>click here.

A professional home buyer at AIP House Buyers will detail the profits and costs you can expect with a traditional sale of your Greensboro house vs. a direct sale. At AIP House Buyers we are in the business of buying multifamily homes, our professional home buyers offer complete transparency because we’re your neighbors who live and work alongside you in Greensboro, and we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. Talk to one of our professional home buyers at AIP House Buyers about the hurdles you feel stand in your way and how we can help you over them. At AIP House Buyers, the goal of our professional home buyers is for you to make the most profit on the sale while meeting demands on your time and finances. We pay for leads. If you provide us any leads on off market apartment buildings for sale and we actually close the deal we will pay you a cash finders fee. Call AIP House Buyers at (336) 707-5223.