How to Sell Your Greensboro House if it Requires Major Repairs

Dealing with the prospect of selling a home in need of major repairs can be daunting for many homeowners. The question of finding a buyer willing to take on such a project and the uncertainty about the offer price can be overwhelming.

But fret not. Find out how you can successfully sell your Greensboro residence, even if it requires significant repairs.

List As-Is

If you own a property in Greensboro that needs significant repairs, you may consider selling it. However, listing it through a traditional real estate agent does not guarantee a quick sale. Moreover, the final selling price may be far below your initial asking price due to lowball offers. After deducting commissions, fees, and marketing expenses, you may end up with minimal profits at the closing table. On the contrary, choosing to sell directly to AIP House Buyers means no commissions to worry about. Their team will provide a transparent breakdown of what you can expect from a direct sale versus listing with an agent, empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

Touch Up and List

Another relatively inexpensive way to sell your Greensboro house is to do a cosmetic makeover making it more attractive to buyers. Some quick and easy updates with reasonably little money will freshen the overall curb appeal to show the potential. People looking for homes may be more willing to become buyers for your Greensboro house if it requires major repairs. Because it costs money to hold onto the home, such as any mortgage payment, taxes, and monthly utilities, your best option is to ask your agent their average time for a home that needs repairs to be on the market. Typically, homes in disrepair are considered bargain properties, tending to remain on the Greensboro real estate market longer than ready to move into properties. You’ll need this information when you begin to add up your costs to sell the property, pay commissions and fees to your agent, market the home, and pay holding costs. 

Invest in Repairs and List

If you are considering selling your Greensboro property that needs significant repairs, one option is to invest in completing the necessary repairs and then list the house for sale at full market value. It is crucial to obtain realistic cost estimates for the repairs, preferably by seeking quotes from at least three professionals in the field. To account for any unexpected issues that may arise during the repair process, it is advisable to have additional funds set aside beyond the initial estimates. Additionally, you should have a clear understanding of the time required to finish all the repairs. Before proceeding, carefully evaluate whether the expenses involved, including holding costs, justify the potential increase in the property’s value post-repairs. If you need guidance in this process, experienced investors such as the reputable direct buyers at AIP House Buyers can provide the support you need to make informed decisions regarding the property.

AIP House Buyers

Working with AIP House Buyers is the easiest way to sell your Greensboro house for the most money if it requires major repairs. You don’t need to clean for showings or touch up the property because AIP House Buyers buys homes as-is. Before making an additional investment repairing a property you no longer want, why not consult with an experienced professional from AIP House Buyers. The direct buyers at AIP House Buyers will go over every number used to develop an offer you agree is fair. Even better, AIP House Buyers can close in a matter of days or delay the closing for a date that works for you! To learn more ways AIP House Buyers can help you, send us a message or call AIP House Buyers at (336) 707-5223. We purchase houses in any condition and any situation. Call or text for your guaranteed cash offer.

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