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What to Look for When Investing in a Duplex in Greensboro

Duplexes are one type of rental property with two units under a shared roof that offers an affordable entry into the multi-family sector of real estate investing. New investors can either earn two income streams or house hack, living on one side. At the same time, the tenant pays off the mortgage and the expenses … Continued

Photo of a large house as a featured image for post about signs your Greensboro home is too big

6 Signs Your Greensboro, NC Home is Too Big For You

Is there ever a time when you feel that your home is too much space? Maybe all your kids have grown up and moved out, but you still want to stay in the home where you raised them. Or perhaps you bought a mansion to accommodate your growing family, only to find that you really … Continued

The 5 Biggest Problems for Landlords in Greensboro and How to Handle Them

Residential rentals offer fantastic tax benefits and can grow into significant wealth over time. But, for example, when looking at a potential investment and reviewing the accounting records, you can’t see all of the behind-the-scenes hours spent screening and dealing with tenants or the financial costs to create that steady and reliable flow of income. … Continued

3 Things You Should Know About Inheriting Real Estate in Greensboro

It may sound exciting to have inherited real estate. However, quite often, the reality of inheriting real estate from well-meaning loved ones or friends isn’t pleasant, rarely is the property pristine and free of debt. Therefore, it’s beneficial to consult an attorney and accountant experienced in real estate, whether you have inherited the property alone … Continued

3 Staggering Costs of Owning the Wrong House in Greensboro

While there may be nothing wrong with your property, the traditional listing process is long, complicated and can be extremely stressful during the best of times. However, selling your house on the Greensboro market is not always the best method, especially when you’re under the pressures of time, finances or personal circumstances that do not … Continued