Guide to Greensboro, NC Neighborhoods

At the turn of the 20th century, Greensboro was famous for its textile industry, mills, and factories. However, nowadays, it’s recognized as a significant sport base, offering a plethora of courts, stadiums, pools, and fields. Moreover, the city has been expanding with housing development and thriving industries that focus on high-tech, nanotech, aviation, and transportation in recent years. Thus, no wonder many young professionals and families decide to move to Greensboro in search of a better lifestyle. Also, Greensboro real estate markets provide some great opportunities for landing a magnificent home with a median home cost of $206,695. If you’re not sure where to begin exploring the best city locations for your investment, here is the guide to Greensboro neighborhoods.

Fisher Park

Fisher Park is situated in the north-central area of the city, providing one of the best commute locations with downtown Greensboro. The neighborhood is full of history and wellness amenities, offering many family-friendly parks, green surfaces, and outdoor opportunities. If you’re a fan of nature trails, stone bridges, streams, and peaceful surroundings, Fisher Park is the place to be. Even though the neighborhood is listed in the National Register of Historic Places due to its many private historic homes, it offers exceptional contemporary housing options for everyone’s needs. Here you can find some of the best condos, single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. Still, these houses don’t stay on the market for too long. Thus, Fisher Park is an excellent place to explore if you have ever considered investing in Greensboro real estate.

Aycock/Dunleath Historic District

If you’re a fan of historical homes, Aycock/Dunleath neighborhoods have the best housing options for you. From large Queen Ann style to Colonial Revival and Craftsman homes, there is something for every historical architecture fan. Nearly every house has mature trees, broad front porches, big floor plans, and a fantastic landscape.


The cozy community of Summerfield is the best place in Greensboro for those who enjoy rural town vibes. In the past, this neighborhood was a farming town, suitable for a healthy family lifestyle. Now, Summerfield is home to 10,000 people, supporting local businesses, great schooling options, an array of churches, and amazing quality restaurants.

Lindley Park

As mentioned before, moving to Greensboro has been a choice of many young families recently. This is due to some great opportunities this growing city provides. And even though city neighborhoods are relatively small, they offer some of the best relocation services in North Carolina. Since moving to a new city is a delicate experience, avoiding scams and finding expert services in the area is a must. Having a safe process is important when exploring residential destinations in Greensboro neighborhoods.

Luckily, Greensboro communities are built on tradition and community values. Moreover, the local service providers offer a trusting, helpful hand to anyone who wants to become a part of it. That’s one of the reasons Lindley Park is among the most popular neighborhoods in the city. The suburb is situated around a big park, making it one of Greensboro’s “greenest” neighborhoods. It is a great place to raise a family with good schools, churches, and sports amenities. Still, the secret of such popularity in this neighborhood lies in the Lindley Park residents. The community is very much alive, organizing plenty of annual events. The chilly cook-offs, yearly Spring Fling, Lindley Park Luminaries, and weekly farmer’s markets are the most popular. Such festivities provide not only entertainment to its residents but also bring the community closer together.

Sunset Hills

Unlike the historic neighborhoods such as Dunleath and Fisher Park, Sunset Hills have established but not old architecture. The core of this neighborhood is its active and friendly community. That makes this suburb quite a popular family residence. In addition, it’s located west of the city downtown, next to the University of Greensboro. Very short commute time to college and nightlife attracts young millennials and students equally to these parts.

Old Irving Park

Old Irving Park is a historic, luxurious settlement of Greensboro originating in the early 20th century. And even though the neighborhood significantly evolved in the past 100 years, the image of a picturesque suburb remained. It developed around the city Country Club, giving many magnificent examples of historic homes. Walking the streets of Irvin Park, you’ll get to see Tudor, Colonial, and Classical Revival-style homes with old trees, optimized curb appeal, and landscapes.

Adams Farm

Many Greensboro neighborhoods provide excellent housing options, cultural and natural amenities. Still, when it comes to retiree residential destinations, there is no better choice than Adams Farm. This charming suburb prioritizes the safety, welfare, and recreation of its residents. It is a growing community that provides its residents with the magnificent opportunity to relax and enjoy the lakeside gazebo. However, if someone prefers jogging or walking, the neighborhood has five acres of walking trails and greenways at its disposal. Like most Greensboro neighborhoods, it’s very close to the downtown and the Interstates, making it the perfect living destination.


Westerwood is a Greensboro neighborhood close to the city Downtown and nearby colleges. The short commute time makes it a popular residential choice among students and young professionals. Buying a property in this neighborhood is a safe investment, especially if you’re now in the rental business. Naturally, like an old neighborhood, Westerwood streets look magnificent with the venues of Tudor Cottages, Bungalows, and Colonial-style homes. Also, Lake Daniel Park is nearby, offering many recreational opportunities, including parks and tennis courts.

Moving to Greensboro neighborhoods

Choosing any of these neighborhoods as your next moving destination is a good call since all of them provide a quality lifestyle and many business opportunities. Still, this guide is here only to introduce you to potential Greensboro residential destinations. To make the right decision, you’ll have to research the local housing market and prepare for the relocation process in advance. If you don’t have much moving experience, consultants at suggest reading articles and other online resources alongside storage and moving advice.


Following the guide to Greensboro neighborhoods, you’ll be able to explore the amenities and some of the best housing options in the city. Whether you’re planning to move to Greensboro or invest in its thriving real estate market, buying a property here is a wise choice. Over the past year, home values went up by 20%, creating a competitive housing market worth considering for your next investment.  Like many developing cities, Greensboro has a thriving industry, which provides plenty of job opportunities. Combined with the affordable cost of living, rich history, welcoming community, and quality housing, this city is an excellent choice for raising a family or growing a business. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the Greensboro area. We have been active in the Greensboro business community since 2009.

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