6 Signs Your Greensboro, NC Home is Too Big For You

Is there ever a time when you feel that your home is too much space? Maybe all your kids have grown up and moved out, but you still want to stay in the home where you raised them. Or perhaps you bought a mansion to accommodate your growing family, only to find that you really don’t even see your kids anymore, even if you are all under one roof. If this describes you, maybe it’s time to consider a smaller living space. But how can you tell whether your house is too big, and what steps can you take to correct the problem? Here are the most common signs your Greensboro home is too big and that it might be time to get your cash offer.

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Telltale signs that your Greensboro home is too big for you

Our lives are constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to anticipate our future wants and needs. Change is inevitable. In retrospect, the house that seemed ideal when you first moved in may suddenly feel too big or impersonal for your family. One day, you’re sitting and playing with your newborn, while the next, you’re rushing to organize a family move in a week and plan out the timeline.

To help you figure out if it’s time to sell your home and move to a smaller one, we’ve prepared the six most common signs your Greensboro home is too big. If you recognize your situation, perhaps it’s time to move on from your current home.

#1 Maintenance is becoming too much

If the time and effort required to maintain your property have become too much to bear, it may be time to downsize and move somewhere more manageable. It’s time to find a solution if your home has become a source of aggravation since you’re always straining to accomplish the activities required to maintain it, even if occasional maintenance falls outside your physical or financial comfort zone.

Being a homeowner ought to bring you joy, not tiredness and stress. So if it seems that all you do is fix issues around your big Greensboro home, take it as a sign that it’s time to look at other, smaller properties. The best part is that you can easily sell your home as-is and avoid having to do any additional maintenance on it.

#2 You have unused rooms

Are there any empty rooms in your house that need furnishing? Do you have any rooms that you almost never use? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to downsize to a smaller house. It’s nice to have a theater, party room, and game room, but if you never use them, they probably aren’t worth the extra cost in mortgage payments.

Plus, you still need to keep those rooms in good condition, clean, heated, and so on. In addition to the ongoing expense of upkeep, the very act of having a large house might result in high holding costs. After all, you still need to pay for those rooms, regardless of if you’re using them. However, the monthly cost of living may be significantly reduced in a smaller home due to these factors and the fact that many people receive a financial boost when they downsize. 

#3 There are rooms you only use for storage

Do you have a specific space, such as a basement, that serves solely as a storage area? If so, the monthly bill for storage may come as a shock if you have a lot of goods. In fact, the team from nycministorage.com suggests that the monthly cost of a storage facility would be less than the cost of keeping the items at home. Calculating the true cost of your home’s square footage, including the amount of storage space you have, will help you determine the true cost of all that extra space (and stuff).

#4 You even store stuff for other people

Do your children or grandchildren fill your house with their personal belongings? Toys, artwork, and clothing that were favorites as children or grandkids were growing up are often kept by parents and grandparents. Some parents may not mind at all, but others may feel irritated that they are essentially subsidizing the rent of a storage locker. If that’s the case, take it as one of the signs your Greensboro home is too big and that it may be time to downsize and let go of some of your possessions.

#5 You feel overwhelmed in your own home

Have you ever experienced a tiny home’s immediate warmth, comfort, and security? Do you feel the same way when you get back into your own house? Many singles and couples think the same way you do about having too much room and stuff. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer thought of returning to your home and having to clean and take care of everything, it could be time to move on. 

Therefore, look around your Greensboro home and consider how you use the space. More importantly, think about how your home makes you feel and whether it’s still the space you love spending your time in. 

#6 You’re almost never home

If you never set foot inside your huge Greensboro home, it’s a complete waste of money. The mortgage interest, taxes, and utility bills to keep that property are essentially money down the drain if you rarely home for business or pleasure. Consider whether it would be better to reduce your current home or move to a more convenient location if you feel like you’re not making the most of your current dwelling. If your finances allow you, you can consider renting it out and living somewhere more convenient. 

Did you recognize any of the signs your Greensboro home is too big?

If you recognize any of the signs your Greensboro home is too big we’ve listed above, perhaps it’s time to reach out to a cash buyer and start the procedure of selling your home. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck!   If you are considering selling your house in the Greensboro, NC area please reach out to AIP House Buyers. We can make a guaranteed CASH offer on your house or we can list your house for less than a most all realtors. Give us a call. 336-707-5223

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