17 Things to Know Before Moving to Greensboro , NC

Moving to a new city or state is an exciting prospect. It is an opportunity to upgrade your quality of life in all segments. Hence, before making the big decision, you will have to do thorough research to ensure your new digs are ideal for you. Whether you are looking to further your career, expand your family or merely need a change of scenery, Greensboro offers you the complete package. This vibrant metropolis attracts the attention of millennials, families, and professionals alike. Below you will find a list of things to know before moving to Greensboro, NC, to help you prepare for the big step.

Greensboro in a Nutshell

Located in the central part of the picturesque state of North Carolina, in Greensboro, anyone can feel at home. A handful of practical tips to help you prepare for moving to Greensboro will put you on the right track to a successful relocation. Before we tap into the avenues that make this city an enticing choice for your future home, let’s give it a brief introduction. 

Greensboro is one of the major cities forming the Piedmont Triad. Its most prominent moniker is The Gate City dating back to 1890. Due to the large number of rails present at the time, it was considered as a gateway connecting the South and the West. This factor has played a significant role in the industrial development of the area. Today, Greensboro is not only an important strategic location for business, but it is considered a global intellectual hub. There are many tech companies and universities concentrated in the city that create outstanding opportunities for its residents. Greensboro is a city with rich history, which is among the crucial things you should learn more about, to understand it better.

Moving resources – Things to Know Before Moving to Greensboro, NC

Greensboro is a sought-after relocation destination. With affordable housing options, quality of education, and exciting job opportunities available, it is easy to see why. So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while about leaving Maryland for North Carolina, take the leap and set up your moving date with confidence. Nevertheless, you should choose reputable interstate movers that will help you relocate from Maryland in no time and ensure a simple and straightforward process. And with that being said, here are 17 things to know before moving to Greensboro, NC.

1. Climate

The weather conditions in Greensboro are excellent, and you will enjoy the perks of all four seasons here. The climate is humid subtropical, similar to the rest of the southeastern US. July is the hottest month with average temperatures of 87 F°, while January is the coldest with dips as low as 29 F°. In spring and early summer, you can expect frequent thunderstorms. On rare occasions, tornadoes are possible too. Hence, if you are an outdoor lover, you are sure to appreciate the mild climate enabling you to enjoy your favorite activities in the open for the most part of the year.

2. Residents

As of the 2020 census, Greensboro has a little over 299,000 residents. The population in the city is steadily growing, so if you are thinking about investing in Greensboro land, it is definitely a good idea. Among the most noteworthy things to know before moving to Greensboro, NC, is what the people here are like. You will be glad to hear that the residents are kind and welcoming. Also, you will notice the great diversity, as people move to this prosperous city from all corners of the country. Greensboro is proud of its supportive community, and its residents love the experience of living here.

3. Housing market

There are 76 neighborhoods in Greensboro, so you have a lot to choose from when deciding what area suits you best. Besides, the housing market offers diverse housing options. Moreover, the prices are affordable, and the average for a home is $120,000. So, you can comfortably purchase your dream home in the area instead of holding on to an inherited house in Greensboro that you might not want.

4. Job market

With its central location, Greensboro is home to many affluent companies. Although the area is a significant center of the textile industry, there is a wide diversity of job opportunities. Among the most prominent fields are commerce, education, and healthcare services. The number of tech, logistics, and aviation businesses has been growing in recent years. In short, the job market in the area is booming, and there isn’t a shortage of lucrative positions. In fact, you can move here without previously securing a job, and you will be able to find one. However, make a point to sort out your housing question at the earliest. Look for the tell-tale signs of a bad Greensboro real estate agent and pick a reliable professional to optimize your experience.

5. Cost of living

Before moving to Greensboro, one of the first things to consider is the cost of living. And affordability is one of the many advantages that this city offers to its residents. The cost of living in The Gate City is 1.65% lower than the national average, while the quality of life isn’t compromised in any way.

6. Education

Greensboro is home to 5 colleges and 2 universities. Many people move here for the purposes of higher education. It is said that great schools make great neighborhoods, and this proves to be true in this case.

7. Outdoors

The pleasant climate makes it possible to enjoy a range of activities in the city. You can enjoy biking, jogging, or inline skating at the Bicentennial Greenway or at the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway. At Lake Brandt, you can relax by fishing or kayaking. The Greensboro Arboretum hosts beautiful gardens, a variety of plants, and fantastic educational programs for children and adults. This is but a mere fraction of exciting pastimes residents of Greensboro can enjoy.

8. Food

Greensboro has an amazing food landscape, and the offerings cater to anyone’s taste. The farm-to-table way of eating is a popular concept, and the local vineyards produce quality wine that is sure to impress you. Fresh seafood is among the local favorites, and there are more than 500 restaurants serving anything from Asian to Italian and everything in between.

9. Coffee

A new coffee shop seems to be popping up in town each month. This is to say that Greensboro residents love their coffee. Many of these shops have their own unique charm. So, finding your favorite one when you move to Greensboro will be a fun mission.

10. Beer

North Carolina is famous for its local breweries. And Greensboro has its own craft brews that you’ll surely enjoy exploring while getting to know your new friends in town.

11. Nightlife

Greensboro’s Downtown is an energetic nightlife hub. Here you’ll find venues with local bands playing live music, sophisticated cocktail bars, and electric dance floors. Spring Garden and Elm Streets are some other lively spots to experience the local nightlife.

12. Arts

If you cannot imagine life without the arts, fear not, as Greensboro will not disappoint you. Before moving here, it is worth knowing that the city has a prolific and actively engaged artistic community. You will be able to explore numerous art studios, galleries, and theaters, and if high culture is your thing, you will be happy to attend the performances of the local symphony, ballet, and opera. To chime in the authentic local artistic experience, look for The Greater Triad Shag Club dedicated to the popular North Carolina dance, the Carolina shag.

13. Culture

Whether you’ve heard about it or have experienced it first hand, you’re likely familiar with the fabulous Southern culture. Perhaps its most notable hallmark is the warmth and kindness of the people. And of course, among the things to know before moving to Greensboro, NC, is more about the southern way of living. Depending on where you are coming from, here you will experience a notably friendlier vibe than in other parts of the country.

14. Beaches

The state of North Carolina has over 320 miles of shoreline. Its residents mostly spend their summer vacations on some of the 25 beaches. Moving to Greensboro means that you will have easy access to one of them in under 3 hours by car.

15. Mountains

If you are not the beach type, and if you want to explore beyond the fantastic trails in Greensboro, you’ll never run out of options on mountains to explore. You can head west for a getaway in the Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge.

16. Sports

Greensboro is called The Tournament Town. It may not have its own professional team, but sports, and especially basketball, is a big deal.

17. Transportation

One of the perks that you’ll possibly appreciate the most in Greensboro is the smooth commute. Namely, the traffic here is well-organized, and the city is named number 1 in drivers’ satisfaction.

Final Words

In summary, our pick of things to know before moving to Greensboro, NC, will provide you with the perfect backdrop to further your research. Hence, take note and settle in your new home with ease.

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